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> Brakes

The main functions

The brakes are used to brake and stop the vehicle by rubbing the brake pads on the brake discs or brake drums, depending on the technology used on your vehicle.

The wear and tear signs

Some brakes squeak or make other noises, a feeling that you need to push the brake pedal further, the increasing or decreasing pressure to be applied on the pedal to brake or an warning indicator lamp on the dashboard are the signs of an urgent need to check the system.

The risks

Drive with a malfunctioning brake system is very unsafe and very dangerous: Extension of the braking distance, loss of vehicle control in case of emergency braking, premature wear of the other mechanical elements.

Our recommandations

The brake pads have to be replaced as soon as the friction material is less than the manufacturer’s recommended thickness levels. The brake discs have to be replaced as soon as the thickness is lower than the manufacturer’s recommended thickness levels. Using genuine spare parts is necessary to maintain your braking system’s performances.

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