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> Electronic devices

The main functions

Your vehicle electronic system network is complex. The number of computers and electronic control units is continuously increasing in order to process the information coming from the sensors in the vehicle. The computers control the electronic systems so that you may have the best possible comfort, safety and driving experience.

The wear and tear signs

You will be warned by a device malfunction or a warning indicator lamp on the dashboard.

The risks

The risks linked to the electronic system network are numerous, from the comfort to the immobilization of the vehicle.

Our recommandations

The maintenance schedule details the periodic inspection and replacements that must be done. A checkup and a replacement if needed should be completed by your technician as soon as a warning indicator lamp appears on the dashboard. Our workshops are equipped with the last diagnostic tools available on the market, and our technicians are well trained to solve any problems that might occur. It is highly recommended not to repair any of these faults outside our workshops.

To have the smoothest and most relaxed driving experience possible, discover our service offers dedicated to the Electronic system network.
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